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  • Single Serve

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  • No washing blender bottles 

Sour but sweet and oh so refreshing, These were pretty dang good. I have had them before and completely forgot about them, will be ordering again, especially as summer rolls around!

Andrea Plank

The Only Pre Workout Perfect for Summer

Right now this is the only place to try a Pre Workout Pops for free 

My wife and I created this product because we wanted a nice frozen treat to take on our way to the gym. Everyone knows that pre-workout tastes best when it's ice cold. And it doesn’t get colder than a popsicle.

Stop dry scooping, or mixing blender bottles. Have a ready to go frozen pop you can enjoy on your way to the gym. Or even better, on your way to any outdoor summer activity. 



No mixing powder, or having chalky pre-workout. An easy single serve Pop.


This will take you back to your childhood. Have a delicious ice pop with a kick to it. 


Just because its a pop doesn't mean we compromise on the formula. Pre Workout Pops has the right amount of energy, endurance and focus. 

Will Pre Workout Pops Still Work?


Each pop has 200mg of caffeine and 100mcg of B12. These compounds are known to boost gym performance and increased energy


Beta-Alanine is a supplement that will give you famous itch. Beta-Alanine is known to regulate acid in muscles and prevents fatigue


Taurine may help with concentration and thermoregulation during exercise and can improve strength and power. 

Increased Blood Flow

Citrulline may help improve performance by increasing the amount of oxygen in your muscle tissue and increasing blood flow.