Founders Blog Week 2: Double Down

Founders Blog Week 2: Double Down

So…. I just signed up for an additional 30k in Credit Cards. Call me crazy but I’m going backwards. 50k in debt soon to be 80k. If you aren’t going bankrupt in business you aren’t trying hard enough! Dave Ramsey would be ashamed of me. 

I’m making a bet! On me and on Pre Workout Pops. The two major parts of the business that are seriously lacking. Manufacturing/ fulfillment And advertising/marketing. I’m wasting between 20-40 hours a week manufacturing and packing the pops. If I could outsource that I could spend a lot more time working on the business and marketing. The issue is outsourcing it and redoing the boxes so they can handle large quantities on pallets is going to cost between 8k and 15k. But I get a lot more time. 

As an ecommerce company I need to be spending at least 10k a month on ads. But that puts me in a financial pickle. Marketing agency’s tell me I need at least a 3 month runway to make them work and there is no Guarantee. 

So this is my master plan. I have $30,000 worth of product. I am going to sell through all of that by June 30th. Here’s how: 

  1. Send out 500 samples to micro influencers. 5000 followers or less in exchange for content. 
  2. Funnel the micro influencers into my affiliate program.
  3. The UGC content that does well run ads behind. 
  4. Empower affiliates by sharing best practices, Hooks and video ideas. 

My assumption is that one or two of the micro influencer’s videos will go viral and I’ll be able to put some decent ad dollars behind it. Spray and pray baby! Sending out all these samples will cost me around $3,500. It should be way better than ads just much harder to scale. 

If some marketing genius reads this. Please tell me how to make this work.. Thanks in advance.

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